Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Cute Etsy Story

Some time ago a fellow Etsy buyer/seller bought one of the first cupcake pincushions from my Etsy shop. I was surprised by the one she picked, but you know...different strokes for different folks. The other day, I was doing feedback to other Etsy buyers and saw the comment she left for me about the cute little pink cupcake pincushion she bought. She said her daughter loved it and is now keen on sewing. This got my interest up, so I went to see her Etsy shop and followed the link to her blog. OMG, here's the cute part....She had pictures of her little girl, I'd say around 7 or 8 years old, doing some hand sewing and there in front of her was the cute little cupcake pincushion.

It brought back memories of Grandma teaching me how to do some hand sewing and embroidery stitches. All I could do was simple cross stitch, but that was a start. From there, with the help of my Aunt I learned how to sew with a sewing machine and for years I made my own clothes. My parents didn't have lots of money for store-bought clothes, but they would give me money to buy fabric. Patterns, fabric and notions were sold in almost every department store. I remember Sears, Penneys, K-Mart and other places all had fabric departments. There are very few places now where you can buy fabric besides the quilt or fabric shops. A few Ben Franklins and some Wal-Mart stores still sell it. Kind of sad in my opinion. But I still have the memories of finding the perfect print or type of fabric to go with my well used pattern.

There's something about sewing that I really enjoy. But now-a-days the worst part is threading the needle! Darn those needles have tiny eyes now!

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