Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here’s the Bzzzz

Last week our friends Duke and Janet stopped over and brought us a jar of their very own blue ribbon honey.   I tell ya, this is the best honey I’ve had since the jar they gave us last year.P8160004 So for a thank you gift, I made Janet a cute little bee hive pincushion just like this one that’s in my Etsy shop.#481While out walking this week, we saw more and more signs of fall.  The ash leaves are turning yellow, ferns are getting brown and acorns are falling.  Yippee!  Fall , my favorite season is right around the corner.  #479Sometimes I accidentally come up with some really cool  color combinations.  While going through my felt pieces I saw a piece of cranberry felt and next to it was a piece of aqua rick rack that I was planning on using on a brown background.  I looked at the two colors and thought to myself, I really like these two colors together.#480

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  1. Those are all so cute Cindy. Are you making the pins now too? I love them.